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OutliciousTV Fall 2015 Casting OutliciousTV is seeking New York City based actors for a new drama web series project to be produced in November. Disposable Teens is about a gay teen who is made homeless when his parents force him out of the house. All roles are copy/credit and meals when the shoot day is long.

Expanding Our Network!

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with OutspeakTV (a Huffington Post brand) which is powered by BroadbandTV to grow our online channel even further. Through this partnership we will be reaching out on more social media channels (Instagram and Tumblr just added) with new tools provided to us

How Sex Is Like Mexican Food Sex has been compared to many things in history, trains going through tunnels, fireworks, to the uncomfortable jack hammer. Tiffany from the OutliciousTV web series, Flying High with Charlie has a surprisingly new comparison of sex: Mexican Food. In this clip watch Tiffany (Kelsey Coughlin) explain how sex is like Mexican

OutliciousTV Announces Fall Production Line Up

OutliciousTV is announcing their fall production line up. This will be our most ambitious production season yet and will take our channel to the next level. We will be producing two new series: a sketch comedy series featuring Matty Frazier (Flying High with Charlie) and a drama series about homeless LGBT

When You’re Broke But Go Out Anyway A new Flying High with Charlie promo has been released! When You're Broke But Still Wanna Go Out! Check it out. And check out the rest of Flying High with Charlie right here on OutliciousTV. Flying High with Charlie is the latest gay web series comedy from OutliciousTV about Charlie, a

Bryan Fischer Threatens Violence over Equality

In typical looney bin fashion, a group of religious conservative speakers have spoken out against the jailing of Rowan County Kentucky County Clerk, Kim Davis. Ms. Davis was jailed earlier in the week for refusing to follow a Federal Court order. She was charged with contempt. Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas,

Kim Davis Hearing Today

  Anti-marriage Rowan County, Kentucky County Clerk, Kathy Bates -er Kim Davis is back in court today after a judge ordered her to a hearing after she defied several judicial orders; including a denial of her appeal to the Supreme Court. More info as it comes available.