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OutliciousTV Fall 2015 Casting

OutliciousTV is seeking New York City based actors for a new drama web series project to be produced in November.

Disposable Teens is about a gay teen who is made homeless when his parents force him out of the house.

All roles are copy/credit and meals when the shoot day is long. Some roles may be partial nudity (no more than what YouTube allows, so no full nudity) and some same-sex kissing as appropriate for the role. If you are adverse to playing a gay character DO NOT APPLY.

OutliciousTV has been producing quality and award winning LGBT content for over eight years. We have a wide variety of projects ranging from dark dramas to camp comedy.

Diversity casting: we love diversity and are open to many different options. Some roles however may be locked into specific ethnic groups based on the casting choice of another role (i.e.: parents of a child). We encourage transgender actors to apply for any role.

To apply
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Austin, male, 18 to play younger, any race: Suburban teen forced out on the street by his parents. Innocent and naive but has dignity and knows how to stand up for himself. (partial nudity, same-sex situations)

Nash, male, 18 to play younger, any race: Suburban teen, Austin’s boyfriend back home. His family is much more supportive. He looks for Austin when he has disappeared. (partial nudity, same-sex situations)

(Note: Austin and Nash will be cast out of one pool of actors as the types are similar)

David, male (open on gender) 30-50, any race: Social worker at an urban youth center for LGBT youth. Compassionate, a little messy and disorganized because his/her workload is heavy.

Eugene, male, 40-60, any race: Director of a shelter for homeless youth. This guy is a creep and uses the shelter as his personal toy chest. Manipulative but not too aggressive. (same-sex situations)

Madison, male, 25-40, any race: Club promotor and all around underground/black market business man, could be drug dealer too. Anything shady he has his hands in it. But he’s fun, cool and very well connected. Knows how to do what it takes to get what he wants. (same-sex situations)

Cheryl, female, 40-50, any race: Austin’s mother, conservative but compassionate. She loves her child but doesn’t understand what he’s doing. She wishes there was a way everything will work out.

Hank, male, 40-50, any race: Austin’s father, conservative and strict, has a short fuse and a bad temper.

Additional roles may be cast out of the submissions for Austin/Nash