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Disposable Teens: Behind the Scenes Part 2

Go behind the scenes on Disposable Teens, OutliciousTV’s new drama web series about LGBT youth who have had to leave their homes when they came out.

This behind the scenes segment is from production day 2. We interview stars Lucio Nieto (Madison), Dino Petrera (Dallas) and Andy Rappos (Nash) as they talk about their roles.

Lucio talks about how he doesn’t believe in bad guys in relation to his role as Madison. Dino tells us how his role is different from the rest of the roles in the series as he provides comic relief. Finally, Andy talks about how is training as an actor helped him lose his inhibitions for the role.

Disposable Teens will be released January 2016 on OutliciousTV. SUBSCRIBE to keep up to date with more behind the scenes footage as well as the actual episodes! Enjoy.