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Disposable Teens – Episode 2: Dead Ends

After running from his home, gay teen runaway Austin (Chris Jehnert), finds himself on the street looking for help. He tries to get help from Charlotte (Loresa Lanceta), a social worker who refers him to a shelter. At the shelter he meets Eugene (Lynn Berg) a bitter, older man who gives some pretty harsh and unexpected advice. Will Austin be able to find the help he needs or will he keep running into dead ends?

We also get to know a little bit more about Austin’s boyfriend Nash (Andy Rappos) as he pays a visit to Austin’s mother, Cheryl (Marianne Goodell).

This is the second episode of five of the OutliciousTV dramatic gay web series about runaway and homeless LGBT youth. Disposable Teens is about a gay teen, Austin (Chris Jehnert) who is forced to come out of the closet into a not so unwelcoming home and his struggle to find acceptance.

Written and Directed by Brian Pelletier and starring: Chris Jehnert, Loresa Lanceta, Lynn Berg, Dino Petrera, Andy Rappos, Marianne Goodell and Lucio Nieto. Associate Producer: Matty Frazier.

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Sound: Chris Claypool
Music: Epidemic Sound
Filmed In  New York City

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