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Disposable Teens – Episode 5: Property

After coming out of the closet, gay teen Austin (Chris Jehnert) runs away from his unaccepting parents. Unable to find help through the system, he gets help from a charismatic photographer, Madison (Lucio Nieto) who coerces Austin into a porn career. After a brief but emotional reunion with his boyfriend Nash (Andy Rappos), Austin learns that his new life choices aren’t compatible with what he wanted. Will Austin confront Madison?  Dino Petrera returns as Dallas.

This is the fifth and final episode of the OutliciousTV dramatic gay web series about runaway and homeless LGBT youth. Disposable Teens is about a gay teen, Austin (Chris Jehnert) who is forced to come out of the closet into a not so welcoming home and his struggle to find acceptance.

Written and Directed by Brian Pelletier and starring: Chris Jehnert, Lucio Nieto and Dino Petrera. Associate Producer: Matty Frazier.

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Sound: Chris Claypool
Music: Epidemic Sound
Filmed In New York City