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#theOUTtalk – BreakUps #theOUTtalk is a hilarious, lgbt comedy talk show. In this episode comedian hosts Adam Chisnall and Courtney Rada talk about break-ups. We've all had them before. The panel discusses their strangest break up stories and then sings about them in our challenge called "The Ex Factor". Panelists include comedians Matt Grote

#theOUTtalk – Gay Men Describe Lesbian Sex In this episode of #theOUTtalk, comedian hosts Courtney Rada and Adam Chisnall ask a panel of gay male comedians (Timothy Dunn and others) about what they know of Lesbian Sex. Our panel uses their best imagination to describe lesbian sex and also create some new creative ways women can be

14,000 YouTube Subscribers

We've reached 14,000 YouTube subscribers! Amazing! We couldn't have done it without you! Our goal is to hit 20,000 by the end of the year. We've reached 10,000 in December and continue to climb to double our channel by the end of 2016! Not a subscriber? Click the YouTube logo on

#theOUTtalk – Ep. 1: Coming Out (LGBT Talk Show) In the premiere episode of #theOUTtalk, comedian hosts Courtney Rada and Adam Chisnall discuss coming out with our panel and discover that sometimes even straight people have to come out too. Panelists include Lindsey Steinert, comedian and creator of the one-woman show Upstream Swimming and Matty Frazier of OutliciousTV’s Flying High