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#theOUTtalk – Ep. 1: Coming Out (LGBT Talk Show)

In the premiere episode of #theOUTtalk, comedian hosts Courtney Rada and Adam Chisnall discuss coming out with our panel and discover that sometimes even straight people have to come out too.
Panelists include Lindsey Steinert, comedian and creator of the one-woman show Upstream Swimming and Matty Frazier of OutliciousTV’s Flying High with Charlie.

Lindsey shares her story of coming out as a straight woman with two gay dads. Matty shares how he came out right after having sex.
In our weekly “Thirty Second Delivery” game, the panel comes up with things you can say to come out without saying “I’m Gay”.
Our weekly challenge has our panel “coming out” about something most people don’t know about.

#theOUTtalk is OutliciousTV’s hilarious talk show with weekly episodes discussing a variety of funny topics.

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