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#theOUTtalk – Dating Apps

If you’re a fan of Grindr, Tinder, Hinge, OK Cupid or any other dating app, you will LOVE this episode.

In this episode of #theOUTtalk, comedian hosts Adam Chisnall and Courtney Rada talk about Dating Apps with our panel and why it’s easier for men than women to send a picture of their junk.
Panelists include Kelsey Bailey comedian and member of the UCB improv team Future Wives and Kenny Zdanowicz writer of OutliciousTV’s Logan Square.

In our weekly “Thirty Second Delivery” game, the panel comes up with words or things you see in a dating profile that mean instant rejection.
Our weekly challenge has our panel creating dating app headlines for various profile pics.

#theOUTtalk is OutliciousTV’s hilarious talk show with weekly episodes discussing a variety of funny topics.

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