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Flying High with Charlie: Ep 8 – Ex-Boyfriend Reroute

Flight Attendant Charlie (Brandon Salerno) just can't seem to shake his ex-boyfriend Nick (Matty Frazier). Now that Nick has become a flight attendant, Charlie is bumping into him more and more. This time, however, Nick has seemed to move on. He found someone new. Of course it is someone Charlie knows. Clarie

Flying High with Charlie: Ep 7 – Eskimo Brothers Despite how bad his date was, gay flight attendant Charlie (Brandon Salerno) decides to pursue Kurt (Ken Arpino) for purely recreational reasons. His friend Sarah (Claire Epstein) tells Charlie about the guy she met at the airport and ended up hooking up with. Their two sexual interests seems awfully similar.

Flying High with Charlie: Ep 6 – The Frequent Flyer Charlie (Brandon Salerno) is back in the skies for season 2 of Flying High with Charlie. In this episode, Charlie meets a rather flirty passenger named Kurt (Ken Arpino) who turns out to be a Frequent Flyer in every sense of the word. We meet Sarah (Claire Epstein) who is another