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The Season Premiere (Season 2) of OutliciousTV’s hit ground-breaking drama, Disposable Teens. In this episode: Austin (Chris Jehnert) a gay runaway teen, is offered help from a stranger who takes pity on him named Phoenix (C Bain). Austin enters a new living situation that seems to fit his value system. We meet Linda (Aleigha K Spinks), Austin’s landlord and boss as well as a new boy (Tyler Begnoche) who takes an interest in Austin.

Disposable Teens is a gay dramatic web series from OutliciousTV about Austin, a young gay man who is forced to runaway from his home after coming out to his parents. In previous episodes, he is taken in and taken advantage of by a charming man who turns out to be a pornographer. Austin’s mother Cheryl, (Marianne Goodell) has a change of heart and seeks to find her son again.

Written and Directed by Brian Pelletier, Disposable Teens Episode 6-10 are part of a second season after the wildly successful first season. This season we feature out first transgender actor (C Bain) in the role of Phoenix.

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Amazon Video User Review:
“This is a story about a teen who has just “come out” and not accepted by his parents. A very short 5 part 25 minute almost documentary style story about a young man who feels lost and doesn’t know who or where to turn to after leaving home after an altercation with the parents. The writers left the bittersweet ending to your imagination. This was so well written and well acted that anyone watching this can’t help but feel the despair and sadness that this young man was going through.”

“OutliciousTV has released the first episode of its eighth web series, Disposable Teens, which takes a look at the lives of young runaway and homeless LGBT people. It’s a bit of a personal project for writer/director Brian Pelletier, as he was once a gay runaway youth himself”