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The Matty Frazier Show – Jessica

The Matty Frazier Show is back!

In this episode of The Matty Frazier Show, sketch comedian Matty Frazier plays Jessica, a teen girl that thinks that every boy not into her is gay. Jessica is trying to get it on with her high school boyfriend Tony (Addie Weyrich) who is very reluctant because he is not ready to go that far, Jessica automatically assumes he is gay and is beyond excited to have a new gay best friend.
The Matty Frazier show is a gay sketch comedy show featuring Matty Frazier, a UCB trained sketch comedy performer and improviser. Each episode, Matty plays a different LGBT related character created and performed by him. Special guest actors include various comedians and performers from the New York City area. Get ready for some laughs.

The Matty Frazier show is a sketch comedy show starring UCB trained improv and sketch performer Matty Frazier. Each week Matty plays a different original character. Supported by a hilarious and talented cast, the Matty Frazier Show is an awesome addition to OutliciousTV’s comedy line up including Flying High with Charlie, I Love Dick and more.