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FLYING HIGH WITH CHARLIE: One More Time But Sexier (Episode 10)

Gay Flight Attendant Charlie (Brandon Salerno) is auditioning for the safety video for Royal Skies Airlines along with one of his best friends and co-workers Wendy (Iliana Inocencio). All seems to be going well until airline nerd and arch nemesis William (Robb Coles) shows up along with Charlie’s ex-boyfriend Nick (Matt Frazier).

Charlie and Wendy try to come up with a plan to sabotage William’s audition so that they can be in the safety video. It’s all about the brand!

Flying High with Charlie is a comedy web series from OutliciousTV about a gay flight attendant trying to make it in love, life and work in the city.

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Flying High with Charlie is a gay comedy web series about Charlie, a young gay flight attendant trying to make it in love and life.

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“Gay web series Flying High With Charlie follows a young gay flight attendant living in New York, looking for love, and trying to find some respite in his time on the ground.

The series also challenges cliches about gay flight attendants (“Oh, wow, you must be banging a new guy in every city, right?”) while simultaneously traveling through Charlie’s turbulent dating life. The 5 episode web series from OutliciousTV, sees Charlie (Brandon Salerno) commiserate with his best friend and work wife (Kelsey Coughlin) over his status as a singleton, dodge his stalker ex-boyfriend, and try his hand at a three-way.” – Sean Mandell, Towleroad

Cast: Brandon Salerno – Charlie
Iliana Inocencio – Wendy
Robb Coles – William
Matty Frazier – Nick
Ann Marie Yoo – Jennifer

Written and Directed By Brian Pelletier
Music: Epidemic Sound and Audio Jungle

Shot at YouTube Space NY

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