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Monsters in the Closet: Our First Novel

OutliciousTV producer, Brian Pelletier released his first novel Monsters in the Closet. Originally written as a feature film script, Brian adapted it into a stage play and eventually into a short film featured on our site.

Pastor Gene Stevenson is the quintessential American Evangelical Preacher, outspoken but well regarded in his circle for his high moral standards. And in the public eye, his life couldn’t be any better. He married his high school sweetheart, his daughter is dating a well-respected police officer, and his church is filled to capacity every Sunday.

Gene is keeping a secret, however. He has an attraction that, if found out, would not only ruin his life but the lives of everyone around him. Even though he believes he can balance both of his identities, things get complicated after he endorses a Senate campaign and becomes part of the news cycle. Nevermind the politician’s proclivity for winning at all costs.

Monsters in the Closet is Brian Pelletier’s first novel. It will take you on a wild ride where everyone is not who they are behind closed doors. “Brian’s monsters are honest and raw. You may find yourself rooting for the least likely of heroes.”- James Finn, Crossing Genres

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