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Disposable Teens Official Trailer OutliciousTV is pleased to release the official trailer for Disposable Teens. Disposable Teens is about a gay teenager who is forced to come out of the closet when his parents find out he's gay. He runs away from home and into the arms of anyone that will accept him. Written and Directed

Disposable Teens Director, Brian Pelletier Opens Up About His Time As A Gay Teen Runaway OutliciousTV founder and director of the upcoming web series, Disposable Teens, Brian Pelletier opened up about his time as a gay teen runaway and how it inspired him to create his new project. In the video, Brian discusses the plot of the story as well as a never before heard account

Disposable Teens: Behind the Scenes Part 2 Go behind the scenes on Disposable Teens, OutliciousTV's new drama web series about LGBT youth who have had to leave their homes when they came out. This behind the scenes segment is from production day 2. We interview stars Lucio Nieto (Madison), Dino Petrera (Dallas) and Andy Rappos (Nash) as they

Disposable Teens: Behind The Scenes – Part 1

Chris Jehnert is Austin in Disposable Teens - a web series. Production has begun for Disposable Teens, OutliciousTV's new drama web series about LGBT Youth who have had to leave their home. Go behind the scenes and listen to the actors talk about their roles in the series. Interviews with Chris Jehnert (Austin), Andy Rappos (Nash) and Marianne Goodell (Cheryl). Disposable Teens is

How Sex Is Like Mexican Food Sex has been compared to many things in history, trains going through tunnels, fireworks, to the uncomfortable jack hammer. Tiffany from the OutliciousTV web series, Flying High with Charlie has a surprisingly new comparison of sex: Mexican Food. In this clip watch Tiffany (Kelsey Coughlin) explain how sex is like Mexican

When You’re Broke But Go Out Anyway A new Flying High with Charlie promo has been released! When You're Broke But Still Wanna Go Out! Check it out. And check out the rest of Flying High with Charlie right here on OutliciousTV. Flying High with Charlie is the latest gay web series comedy from OutliciousTV about Charlie, a

When Your Future Finds You at a Bus Stop A new Flying High with Charlie promo is out! In this promo, Charlie meets an older flight attendant at a bus stop and all he sees is his future. Mimi Fischer plays Dorothy a "senior mama" flight attendant who never met Prince Charming on the plane but still made a

When Your Crazy Ex Wants You Back A new promo for the OutliciousTV web series Flying High with Charlie is out. In this promo, Charlie runs into his cheating ex-boyfriend Nick again. Nick wants him back so badly, he wrote a song. Charlie knows, however, to fight Whitney with Whitney Watch more Flying High with Charlie HERE at OutliciousTV