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The Matty Frazier Show – Millie

He’s ready for his close-up. Say hello to Millie, a gay high school student and musical theater fanatic. Same thing right? Millie is ready to the be the next Bernadette/Patti/Judy/Liza/Barbara. Whatever you want, he’s more of a diva. Millie crashes this audition for Great Expectations the musical and all hell breaks loose. The Matty Frazier…

The Matty Frazier Show – PREMIERE (Curvey Durvey’s Kissing Challenge)

  Get ready for some laughs. The Matty Frazier show premieres on OutliciousTV starting now! The Matty Frazier show is a sketch comedy show starring UCB trained improv and sketch performer Matty Frazier. Each week Matty plays a different original character. Supported by a hilarious and talented cast, the Matty Frazier Show is an awesome addition to…