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GayTerns – Episode 3: LezTerns The GayTerns find themselves in the White House Oval Office waiting for Hillary Clinton. Suddenly, they realize it's a trap by Bernie Sander's gang of lesbian interns, The LezTerns. The GayTerns and the LezTerns exchange some words with each other. It ends up turning into an all out brawl in the

New Channel Trailer

New programming, new trailer. We are pleased to release our new Channel Trailer which will be featured prominently on your YouTube Channel page for non-subscribed viewers as well as pinned to the top of our Twitter profile and Facebook pages. The trailer features clips from our hit shows such as Disposable

14,000 YouTube Subscribers

We've reached 14,000 YouTube subscribers! Amazing! We couldn't have done it without you! Our goal is to hit 20,000 by the end of the year. We've reached 10,000 in December and continue to climb to double our channel by the end of 2016! Not a subscriber? Click the YouTube logo on

The new OutliciousTV has arrived!

OutliciousTV now in it's 8th year of bringing you colourful LGBT media has now launched our new website. Powered by Wordpress, the new and improved will bring you all of our original, award winning LGBT films and web series you have come to expect and then some. New features highlighting