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The Story of OutliciousTV
OutliciousTV was founded April 2007 by producer Brian Pelletier in West Hollywood, CA while attending college for Cinema and Television Arts.

To get OutliciousTV launched as fast as possible, Brian developed a news department which produced a few news-magazine type programs. He soon followed that up with coverage of the many red carpet events throughout the Los Angeles area; mainly focusing on LGBT related events.

During this time, he teamed up with writer Tony Jerris who pitched several webseries ideas for the new online network. By the end of April they began shooting Outdishes with Dinah Diva. By the end of May, Brian and Tony produced the entire seasons of Outdishes, Tell Veronica and I Love Dick. Brian later teamed up with Tony again in June to shoot Out of the Vault. Brian also teamed up with personal trainer and actor Ronnie Kerr for flab2FAB!

OutliciousTV officially launched it’s site in July 2007 and was nominated as the Best New Business at the WeHo Awards that year.

OutliciousTV turned their focus to film after a successful first season. Brian then produced a new short Everybody Is Having Sex… But Ryan under umbrella of OutliciousTV Films. Brian then signed over two previous short films he completed prior to OutliciousTV, No Match Found and Getting It Straight.

While promoting Everybody Is Having Sex… But Ryan at the Out on Film festival in Atlanta, Brian met Rebekah Kochan who was promoting her feature comedy Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds. At the festival he pitched Fishnet, a feature screenplay he completed as part of an independent study project at Los Angeles Valley College under the guidance of Alan Sacks of Welcome Back Cotter fame. Rebekah was very interested and so began pre-production on Fishnet which was shot in 2010.

Fishnet received many great reviews and won the Jury Award for Best Debut Feature from the Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. After Fishnet, Brian finished school at California State University, Northridge and relocated to Chicago. In Chicago, he teamed up with writer Kenny Zdanowicz to create Logan Square and Scenes from a Gay Marriage.

In 2014, Brian hit the Big Apple and OutliciousTV opened production in New York City. OutliciousTV opened a new project, CODECdance, focusing on dance films. Following that, a new web series Flying High with Charlie is in production. There are more projects in the works, stay tuned.

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