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Flying High with Charlie: Ep 7 – Eskimo Brothers Despite how bad his date was, gay flight attendant Charlie (Brandon Salerno) decides to pursue Kurt (Ken Arpino) for purely recreational reasons. His friend Sarah (Claire Epstein) tells Charlie about the guy she met at the airport and ended up hooking up with. Their two sexual interests seems awfully similar.

#theOUTtalk – Travel In this episode of #theOUTtalk, comedian hosts Courtney Rada and Adam Chisnall talk about travel with our panel and when it's a good time to travel with your partner. Panelists include Kelsey Coughlin from Flying High with Charlie and Lucio Nieto from Disposable Teens. In our weekly "Thirty Second Delivery" game, the

Producer Brian Pelletier Talks About What’s Next for OutliciousTV

Brian Pelletier So we left you hanging with Disposable Teens. What's next? OutliciousTV Producer, Brian Pelletier tells you about a new talk show we are producing as well as updates to Disposable Teens and Flying High with Charlie! OutliciousTV plans to produce a new round table type talk show in the style of

How Sex Is Like Mexican Food Sex has been compared to many things in history, trains going through tunnels, fireworks, to the uncomfortable jack hammer. Tiffany from the OutliciousTV web series, Flying High with Charlie has a surprisingly new comparison of sex: Mexican Food. In this clip watch Tiffany (Kelsey Coughlin) explain how sex is like Mexican

When You’re Broke But Go Out Anyway A new Flying High with Charlie promo has been released! When You're Broke But Still Wanna Go Out! Check it out. And check out the rest of Flying High with Charlie right here on OutliciousTV. Flying High with Charlie is the latest gay web series comedy from OutliciousTV about Charlie, a