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5 Hottest Gay Kisses From OutliciousTV

While we are preparing some great stuff for you, we figured we would countdown the 5 hottest gay kisses we have had on OutliciousTV. See highlights from I Love Dick, Flying High with Charlie, Disposable Teens and Everybody is Having Sex… But Ryan. What’s your favorite?

Disposable Teens – Episode 5: Property

After coming out of the closet, gay teen Austin (Chris Jehnert) runs away from his unaccepting parents. Unable to find help through the system, he gets help from a charismatic photographer, Madison (Lucio Nieto) who coerces Austin into a porn career. After a brief but emotional reunion with his boyfriend Nash (Andy Rappos), Austin learns…

Disposable Teens – Episode 3: Unzipped

After being forced from his home and unable to find any help after coming out of the closet, gay teenager Austin (Chris Jehnert) is in a hopeless place. Just when he considers giving up, a stranger named Madison (Lucio Nieto) comes along offering help. But this good samaritan’s motives are questioned when he makes a…

Disposable Teens: Behind The Scenes – Part 1

Chris Jehnert is Austin in Disposable Teens - a web series.

Production has begun for Disposable Teens, OutliciousTV’s new drama web series about LGBT Youth who have had to leave their home. Go behind the scenes and listen to the actors talk about their roles in the series. Interviews with Chris Jehnert (Austin), Andy Rappos (Nash) and Marianne Goodell (Cheryl). Disposable Teens is written and directed…

Fishnet – Award Winning Feature Film

FISHNET (2010) 84 mins Written and Directed by: Brian Pelletier As the clothes come off… the bullets fly. Trixie (Rebekah Kochan) and Sulie (Jillian Easton) are not only two of Los Angeles’ hottest burlesque dancers, they are also girlfriends. One night after the show, the girls witness a mob-hit. Trixie tries to be a heroine…