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#theOUTtalk is back!

#theOUTtalk is back! OutliciousTV producer Brian Pelletier returns to host version 2.0 of our gay talk show now taking a vlog format. In this edition, Brian talks about the #metoo campaign, Kevin Spacey and the craziness of the allegations against one of the biggest homophobes ever, Roy Moore of Alabama.

GayTerns: Canvassing (Episode 2)

GayTerns is a political sketch comedy gay web series about four fictional gay interns for Democrat US Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. In this episode, the GayTerns are trying to turn out the vote and register voters on New York City streets. While some may be having luck getting voters, some would

The Matty Frazier Show – PREMIERE (Curvey Durvey’s Kissing Challenge)

  Get ready for some laughs. The Matty Frazier show premieres on OutliciousTV starting now! The Matty Frazier show is a sketch comedy show starring UCB trained improv and sketch performer Matty Frazier. Each week Matty plays a different original character. Supported by a hilarious and talented cast, the Matty Frazier Show is an

2016 Streamys – Nominate Disposable Teens

Help get Disposable Teens nominated at the 2016 Streamys. OutliciousTV's popular LGBT drama series Disposable Teens has been submitted for best drama series, indie series and best actor for both Chris Jehnert (Austin) and Lucio Nieto (Madison). Nominate via or follow the following links: Nominate Disposable Teens as best Drama Series: &show=Disposable%20Teens&showCategory=Drama Best

DISPOSABLE TEENS: SEASON 2 PREMIERE – Episode 6: New Beginning SUBSCRIBE to OutliciousTV for more great LGBT entertainment: The Season Premiere (Season 2) of OutliciousTV's hit ground-breaking drama, Disposable Teens. In this episode: Austin (Chris Jehnert) a gay runaway teen, is offered help from a stranger who takes pity on him named Phoenix (C Bain). Austin enters a new living situation