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Flying High with Charlie is a comedy web series about a young flight attendant named Charlie (Brandon Salerno) who flies for Royal Skies Airlines as he navigates his way through life and love in the big city.

Featured in many episodes are his best friend Tiffany (Kelsey Coughlin) and his unfaithful and crazy ex-boyfriend Nick (Matty Frazier).

1: Dreams of Flight

Flight attendant Charlie just can’t seem to get away from work, even on a stroll through Central Park. The premiere episode of the new OutliciousTV web series Flying High with Charlie. Charlie is a gay flight attendant for Royal Skies airlines who is trying to make it in love and life in the big city. Starring Brandon Salerno as Charlie. Written and created by Brian Pelletier. Featuring many UCB trained improv artists.

2: Mile High Dating

Being an airline flight attendant can be terrible for your dating life. Charlie (Brandon Salerno) hasn’t been able to find a good date since his break up with Nick (Matty Frazier) last year. He asks his best friend Tiffany (Kelsey Coughlin) for help.

3: First Date

Charlie goes on a first date with Paul but it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Charlie’s flight attendant training suddenly comes in handy with hilarious consequences. Then Paul shocks Charlie with a surprise about his relationship status.

4: The Ugh One

“In every threesome there’s a hot one and an ugh one.” Flight attendant Charlie (Brandon Salerno) seeks advice from Tiffany (Kelsey Coughlin) after his date with Paul reveals that Paul is in an open relationship. Charlie gets some interesting advice from Tiffany which comes from experience.

Charlie later bumps into his ex-boyfriend Nick (Matty Frazier). He also learns that he can never leave work when he is harassed by a bar patron. (Jason Scott Quinn)

5: Threesome

When Paul (Lucas Calzada) invites Charlie (Brandon Salerno) into a throuple, Charlie throws caution to the wind and gives it a go. Charlie quickly learns you can’t make a sandwich with two stale pieces of bread when he meets Sam (Tony Melson). Apparently, Paul and Sam’s relationship is on the rocks and they are trying an open relationship to spice things up. This threesome is off to a rough start.

The episode ends with a tribute to Whitney Houston.

6: The Frequent Flyer 

Charlie (Brandon Salerno) is back in the skies for season 2 of Flying High with Charlie. In this episode, Charlie meets a rather flirty passenger named Kurt (Ken Arpino) who turns out to be a Frequent Flyer in every sense of the word.
We meet Sarah (Claire Epstein) who is another one of Charlie’s BFFs and fellow flight attendant. She offers her own dating advice for Charlie.
Flying High with Charlie is a comedic web series from OutliciousTV starring Brandon Salerno about a young, gay flight attendant just trying to navigate his way through love and life in the big city. #crewlife
Written and Directed by Brian Pelletier

7: Eskimo Brothers 

Despite how bad his date was, gay flight attendant Charlie (Brandon Salerno) decides to pursue Kurt (Ken Arpino) for purely recreational reasons. His friend Sarah (Claire Epstein) tells Charlie about the guy she met at the airport and ended up hooking up with. Their two sexual interests seems awfully similar. Later, senior mama flight attendant Dorothy (Mimi Fischer) returns to get in on the action.

8: Ex Boyfriend Returns (Release 6/27/16)

9: Do Not Disturb / Haunted Layover (Release 10/13/16)

10: One More Time But Sexier (Release 2/6/17)

11: Honest Safety Video (Release 2/6/17)

Featured at the 2015 Cinema Diverse – Palm Springs LGBT Film Festival.

Written and Directed by Brian Pelletier