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#theOUTtalk is a lgbt comedy talk show from OutliciousTV.

Hosts Courtney Rada and Adam Chisnall sit with a panel of rotating entertainers and discuss hot topics in the gay community.

Episode 1: Coming Out
Panelists: Lindsey Steinert and Matty Frazier

Episode 2: Dating Apps (4/11/16)

Panelists: Kelsey Bailey and Kenny Zdanowicz

Episode 3: Gay Men Describe Lesbian Sex (4/18/16)

Panelists: Timothy Dunn and Nikita Burdein

Episode 4: Break-Ups (4/25/16)

Panelists: Matt Grote and Stephanie Holmes

Episode 5: Mile High Club (5/2/16)

Panelists: Lucio Nieto and Kelsey Coughlin

Episode 6: Masturbation (5/9/16)

Panelists: Kelsey Bailey and Timothy Dunn

Episode 7: Gay Weddings (5/16/16)

Panelists: Carolyn Bergier and Christopher Moss

Episode 8: First Dates (5/23/16)

Panelists: Sarah Seeds and Lily Du

Episode 9: Gay Sex with Str8 Guys (6/06/16)

Panelists: Aaron Gold and Conor M Hamill